Find manufacturers and suppliers in Romania

Identify Romanian suppliers capable of fulfilling your demands and market prospection starting at € 1.000 for a full service.
Search your Romanian supplier in any domain : textile, wood and furniture, industry, agriculture, plastic products and others.

Find what you are looking for in Romania

If you are looking for products and services in Romania in order to import them in other European Country or elsewere, it is better to use a business advisor’s services. I offer you an efficient service to find the right business partners in Romania. From the first call to the Romanian supplier, to the sending of samples from Romania and until the signing of the contract, I can assist you to start well and continue a commercial collaboration with a Romanian partner.
Intra-Community purchase from Romania
There is no customs tax or VAT for your intra-community purchases from Romania.

Search for suppliers – service starting at € 1000

A turnkey solution to make the best choice :

  • understanding of the product / service and its main features
  • identification of the main manufacturers and suppliers in the Romanian market
  • phone and e-mail communication with suppliers having matching profiles
  • follow-up of answers
  • supplier selection

Maintaining relationship with the Romanian suppliers

There are customers who, satisfied with my services, have preferred to mandate me to keep the relationship with the Romanian exporters: transmit and follow orders, negotiate quotes, search for transportation and of course, keep an eye on the market evolution and other business opportunities.

Since 2010

I provide connections with Romanina suppliers since 2010.

Trading with Romania

Trading (import – export) with Romania can be very profitable. The purchase prices of many services and products are lower than in Western and Northern Europe, even including transportation. I can search for Romanian manufacturers and suppliers who are able to meet your demands, their prices, a deeper search for the supplier or the manufacturer selected to check his seriousness and even organize physical meetings for you.

What to import from Romania

Here is a non-exhaustive list of products and services you can import from Romania:

  • Internet, IT service and any computer programming (php, mysql, java, iOS, android, ruby ​​etc.)
  • Wood (firewood, wood pellets, furniture)
  • Textile (garment factory, shoes and other products)
  • Plastic, rubber or metal products
  • Other products and services made in Romania


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